When fashion meets payment


Pay-let, the newest functional and fashionable payment bracelet in the Netherlands. Together with Fidesmo, we focus to make the payment industry a little bit better. Once you have bought your Pay-let you are able to easily connect the bracelet with your debit or creditcard through the Fidesmo app.

The bracelets from Pay-let are not only functional, but also the newest eye-catcher in your closet. So are you ready for the newest trend of 2019?! Yes, go to our products page and buy your trendy pay-let bracelet.

How does it work? Buy the bracelet, download the Fidesmo app and connect your bracelet with your debit or creditcard. For more information or questions about the functionality of our product, please check out the following link: https://fidesmo.com/pay/



Danique: 'My name is Danique, a 22 years old student and I live in Amsterdam. You can find me probably every Friday night at a bar where I celebrate the weekend with some friends. When I buy drinks, I always find it quite annoying When I have to search for my card in my chaotic purse. Especially when it is busy at the bar. In my opinion, this can be done easier. There is where the idea of Pay-Let arises. My mind blows up with ideas, I want to create multiple eye-catchers which offer payment services. If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us!' 

Charlotte: 'My name is Charlotte and at the moment I am in my final year of my studies. When I go out, get some groceries at the supermarket or are standing in the queue to buy my new cloths, I always feel a bit annoyed when I need to find my wallet in my purse. That's why we started up Pay-Let, the newest payment method of 2019. All the bracelets have their own design, and they are trendy, fashionable and last but not least safe. I'm looking forward to create more amazing bracelets and to stimulate the growth of Pay-Let!' 



For any questions or comments please feel free to contact us. Do also check out our social media account! 



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